Apartment Managers: Creating an Equal Quality of Life for Those Pet-Owners and Non-Animal Lovers

To maintain a competitive edge as one of many apartment managers in your area, you have to cater to your client base. Most people in America own a pet, so choosing to run pet free residencies can be bad for your business. If you want your multi family residencies to make the transition so that pets are acceptable but you don’t want to neglect your clients who don’t have pets, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure that everyone is happy.

First, consider the mindset of the person or family that doesn’t want to be around other residents’ pets. They may not like the noise that loud dogs can create, they may not want to risk encountering any messes that pets leave and that their owners either don’t clean or don’t notice. They may have allergies. Whatever the reason they don’t want to be around pets, there are a few things that apartment managers can do so that their non pet loving residents don’t move out once pets move into the building.

If a lot of your residents’ dogs are behaving poorly or are simply being very loud, you can work with a local trainer and have some occasional classes so that you give your residents the tools that they need to train their dogs properly so that they aren’t a burden for the other residents.

A good way to keep everyone happy is to turn some open space on your property into a leash free dog park. This serves many purposes. First, dogs need exercise, and they’ll behave well and not be too loud if they don’t feel cooped up. This greatly benefits both owners and their neighbors, and an additional benefit for owners is that they get a chance to socialize with their fellow dog lovers, allowing them to develop friendships that can lead to lease renewals.

Two final things that all apartment managers can do to make their residents happier are to provide waste bins and to not hesitate to speak openly with a pet owner if their pet is causing problems. Sometimes, the only reason that pet messes don’t get cleaned up is because there is no convenient way for the owner to dispose of the waste. Make it easy for them and almost all messes get cleaned in the future. Lastly, pet owners sometimes just don’t understand if and when their pet is causing problems for their neighbors. Communicate with your residents so that they know and you’ll have a much more cooperative residence.


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