Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lending

At Catalyst Capital, we offer asset based lending for businesses trying to position themselves for growth. Our asset based lending program provides a revolving line of credit structured around property owned by your business. We look at assets which are often overlooked by traditional lending channels, to give you the most value for your property, such as:

  • Equipment and machinery
  • Inventory
  • Vehicles
  • Commercial real estate
  • Receivables

Asset Based Lending Grows With Your Business

Asset based lending is designed to grow with your business, to provide long-term success. As your company grows, and acquires more assets, such as new equipment, larger facilities, and an increased volume of receivables, Catalyst Capital will reconfigure financing to offer a higher spending limit, to reflect your growth.

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If you are a new or growing business, and could use the benefits of our asset based lending program, contact our offices, today. We will work with you directly to create an asset based lending solution that fits your needs, and helps you reach your business goals.