Merchant Cash Advance

Take Advantage of Future Sales Now

Rather than wait until tomorrow to get the money you need today, let Catalyst Capital provide you with a merchant cash advance. The way this type of financing option works is you gain access to your future credit and debit card sales, making it quite unlike any other commercial financing option. Let us show you a better and easier way to take your business to the next level without going into debt or accepting a loan that you may not be able to easily repay.

It’s Your Money, Use It How You Want

While you likely have more than a few ideas for what you can do with a cash advance, some of the uses we recommend include:

  • Marketing/advertising your products or services
  • Buying up inventory
  • Taking advantage of sales and discounted items offered only for a limited time
  • Expanding your business
  • Bridging the financial gap and taking care of your employees during slow seasons

Features of our Merchant Cash Advance Program

While Catalyst Capital isn’t the only provider of this type of financing program, we feel there are several reasons we’re well qualified to handle your needs. For instance, there’s no application fee for you to deal with, nor do you have to worry about closing costs. We’ve also done away with fixed payments and equity loss.

Ready to discover a new way to finance your business? Get in touch with a commercial finance advisor today.