Purchase Order Financing

Upgrade Your Company’s Capital Capabilities

There’s no need for you to scramble to fulfill your customer orders, not when you’ve got Catalyst Capital at your back. We offer purchase order financing, which is the perfect funding option for business owners who lack the funds necessary to take care of customer orders. With us at your side, you can satisfy your customers and preserve your reputation all at the same time.

Our Specialties

There are certain areas where we excel when it comes to this type of financing. For instance, we specialize in production finance for work that’s currently in process as well as trade finance Letters of Credit for:

  • Domestic trade purchases
  • Export transactions
  • Import transactions

Our financing experts are also familiar with working in a variety of industries, including distribution, production, reselling and warehousing. Even better is the fact that we can assist business owners who are just getting started as well as those who have limited capital options.

The Upside to Purchase Order Financing

This financing option is not only good for taking care of customer orders, it’s also ideal for boosting your total market share. We also want to help keep you from increasing your debts and selling your current equity.

Interested in learning more about financing? We’re ready to speak with you today.