Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

A Viable Alternative to Traditional Business Loans

Catalyst Capital is here for business owners hoping to either purchase or refinance commercial real estate but would rather not apply for traditional commercial financing. If you find yourself in this category, stated income commercial real estate loans may be the option you and your business goals require, mainly because stated income commercial property financing is more concerned with the property rather than your credit profile. We look forward to having the chance to show you how times have changed for the better to make it easier for you to buy up the business property you need to bring your business goals to life.

Loan Guidelines

While a stated income business real estate loan is often more forgiving than a standard commercial loan, there are still a few parameters we like for our customers to be aware of. For one thing, we prefer that the real estate in question be able to easily handle the mortgage, insurance and taxes, which is just as much to your advantage as it is ours. Another unique feature of stated income commercial real estate loans is there aren’t as many documents for you to deal with, which means you’ll be approved faster than you might be used to.

Program Features & Requirements


  • As much as 65 percent for the loan-to-value ratio on rental, office and warehouse properties.
  • As much as 75 percent for the loan-to-value ratio on mixed use and multifamily properties
  • As much as 70 percent for the loan-to-value ratio on non-owner occupied investment properties with one to four units


  • A credit score of at least 600
  • $100K-$5M loan limits

A Single Financing Solution With Multiple Uses

One of the best things about stated income real estate financing is that they can be used several different ways. Now you can manage your debts into a single payment, renovate your current commercial property or refinance your current mortgage.

Get in touch with a Catalyst Capital commercial finance advisor today to learn more about our stated income property program.