How to Manage Your Rentals When you Work a 9-5

Time, and not having enough of it, can often be the deciding factor for people in choosing to look at real estate as a viable investment to supplement their primary income. With the array of possible outcomes that accompany venturing into property management, it can be tricky to be entirely convinced of its value. But, with a solid and reliable structure in place for managing rentals, you can achieve success in that investment without becoming overwhelmed by the needs of your professional or personal life.

Leave a Consistent Paper Trail from Start to Finish

Keeping track of your activity and your tenants’ activity surrounding the property itself, from the most mundane tasks to the more serious legal paperwork. The most important aspect to document consistently is the lease itself, the binding agreement between you and your renters that will go over expectations as well as establish the grounds for their behavior in your property. Along similar lines, maintaining solid lines of communication between yourself and your renters is a way to establish a cordial relationship and leave a reliable paper trail to prepare for any unpredictable situation down the line.

Keep Your Hands and Eyes Present

Making repairs is not necessarily the most obvious of the landlord-related tasks that property management requires. Maintaining consistent inspections just for the sake of staying up-to-date with the appearance and state of the physical space. Managing rentals can involve a lot of legwork if you miss or become unaware of certain situations. Performing periodic inspections is a balance to tread, frequently enough to not miss possible scenarios of substantial property damage but rarely enough to allow your tenants their privacy. Try to enter the site with a checklist of particular items to look for, as well as remembering the value of reiterating to your tenants your expectations for the property. 

Establish a Community of Property Relevant Vendors

When managing your rentals, you are undertaking the responsibilities that come with a property’s physical and legal repercussions. Having a core group of people for repairs, services, potential legal issues, and general property assistance is a reliable way to maintain consistency with your structure as well as ensure quality help.

Remember to Stay Organized

Property management can be a fruitful endeavor if you act wisely and maintain a solid structure of organization. Though working a full time job might make managing rentals seem like an impossible secondary professional task to undertake, staying consistent and organized will help you achieve and maintain success in your investment.


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