How to Take Full Advantage of Your Local Small Business Association

Starting your own small business is a big undertaking. You will need as much assistance as you can get to succeed. While this support can come from friends and family members, you should also look around your town to see if there are any associations that are specifically designed to support small businesses. If one of these organizations does exist, you want to take advantage of it to the fullest extent.

Utilize Free Resources

These associations typically have a lot of resources available to assist business owners. For example, these organizations often have networking nights where you can go and connect with other business owners. They may also provide newsletters containing information containing forecasts and industry news. Staying up to date with small business economic trends can really prove to be an asset.

Create Business Connections

Everyone who is a part of these associations is there for the same reason. They want to build their company and develop connections. Many people are more than willing to talk to you about their experiences and offer advice. Some individuals are even looking for ways to collaborate, so you and another business owner can work together on a project.

Remain Engaged

Laws are frequently brought to local and state governments related to small businesses. By joining an organization, you will be kept in the loop when one of these laws is being considered. Sometimes these laws are not always in your favor, so you can talk with other people in your association to discuss the possibility of testifying in front of lawmakers. Becoming part of a small business association presents the opportunity to shape your company’s future.

Get Benefits for Your Company 

There are many other advantages you can get for your business. By talking to other members, you can figure out where the best deals are. Whether you are looking for a place to purchase machinery or more inventory, other business owners can point you in great directions. Additionally, some suppliers have referral programs, so you may get a discount if you are referred by a current member. The individual who referred you also tends to get discounts, so it is in other business owners’ best interest to assist you.

Many cities have some kind of small business association available, so do research online or ask around to see what is available near you. Once you have been a member for a while, you can pass on your knowledge to new members.


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